Cheesy Pork and Rice Casserole

This one dish casserole makes great use of moist tender pork chops covered with melted cheese on a bed of creamy delicious rice. It has been a family favorite for years and will soon...


Sour Dough Bagels #breadbakers

These simple chewy and tasty bagels are made with a easy Sour Dough Starter. A delicious recipe to add to your bread baking repertoire.


Barbecue Meatloaf

This tender, juicy meatloaf uses both ground beef and pork to make it extra flavorful. It has a sweet tangy ketchup glaze to bring it over the top delicious. This will soon be your...


Super Bowl Grub

This is a list of all the Super Bowl foods that take the guess work out of what to make. These are my personal favorites and I am sure will soon be yours.

asian chicken slider

Baked Asian Chicken Thighs

This easy baked chicken recipe marinades these chicken thighs in a mahogany glaze of Asian flavors. The marinade is easy to make, sweet, sticky and delicious.

marble cake slider

Marble Banana Cake

This Banana Marble Cake is designed for those people who can’t make up their minds. Lets see do you want Chocolate or yellow cake? Why not have both with a little banana mixed in?


Shrimp and Black Bean Gumbo

This Cajun inspired hearty one pot recipe for Shrimp and Black bean Gumbo, takes advantage of all the seasonings and flavors associated with this dish. It is perfect for Lent and will warm and...


Coq au vin or Chicken in Wine

Today is my Birthday. I will be 50 years old. Wait, maybe it is 51? I am not sure, you see I never tell the truth about my age, so I tend to forget...


Chicken Alphabet Soup

Who says you can’t play with your food? This simple and delicious Chicken Alphabet Soup will have even your biggest of kids practicing their spelling. 


Chipotle Lime and Cilantro Rice

This is my take on the delicious seasoned rice they serve at Chipotle. It is a super easy dish that you can serve with just about anything.