Winter Rice Pilaf

When you have a big list of recipes that you want to make that includes seasonal ingredients.  It is hard to pick which ones to make first. I always end up with all these...


Fennel and Grapefruit Salad

I thought I would post something a bit healthy today on the blog. I know, I know,  it doesn’t happen that often. This month I am starting Weight Watchers so you may see some...


Hot Toddy

I have the sniffles and a scratchy throat. I know it is the time of year for it, but it is still a bit uncomfortable. I am not that sick and dont feel like...

golden gingerbread 003

Golden Magi Bread

Today is the Feast of The Epiphany also known as the Feast of Kings, Twelfth Night or the last day of Christmas. This feast not only celebrates the birth of the Christ child, but...


Beef and Barley Soup for #InaFriday

As the New Year is full of hope and promise, this month for Ina Friday it is all about Soup, Salad and Sides. It is so cold outside, so I decided to make her...


Bacon Wrapped Scallops

I love seafood! I am fortunate enough to live along the Chesapeake Bay so seafood is plentiful.  Which brings me to this new recipe I have. Bacon and Scallops are a beautiful thing. To...

potato skillet 012

Top 10 recipes of 2013

As 2013 comes to a close,  I would like to give you the top 10 recipes of 2013. They are compiled by the traffic that each individual page gets. Meaning how many people visited...


Cranberry Apple Relish Baked Brie

Are you hosting a New Years celebration? It makes no difference if you are hosting a New Years celebration or if it is just you and the family. This easy appetizer will be a...


Saint John’s Wine

Today is the feast of St. John the Apostle. John is considered to have been  our Lords favorite Apostles. He is referred  as “the “disciple whom Jesus loved.”  After Jesus died on the cross...


Merry Christmas