In Season

We are now into the liturgical season of Ordinary Time.

Trust me, there is nothing ordinary about Ordinary time. It is called that because it is not a part of any liturgical season.

It is represented with the color green, which symbolizes life and hope.

It extends to Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.

It is winter here in Virginia.

Squash is now in season. Both winter and summer squashes are a member of the gourd family.

Some winter squash varieties may be found year round, but the widest variety and selection may be found in the fall and winter months. Squash should be firm and heavy for their size.

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Tangerines and Mandarins are now in season also. They are excellent to use to garnish and flavor all kinds of desserts. They are also used to make delicate sauces. This delectable citrus fruit was named after the Chinese imperial courts who once wore orange robes and hats.


Peace be with you,