In Season

The Catholic Church Celebrates the season of Ordinary Time. Trust me there is nothing Ordinary about Ordinary Time. The term  comes from the word Ordinal, which simply means counted time.  carrots

There are two periods of ordinary time.  Right now we are in the second period of ordinary time and it is the longest of the Liturgical year. It extends from the Monday after Pentecost and continues to the Saturday just before Advent.

It is late summer here in Virginia, that means Carrots are now in season.  This time of year, they are sweet and delicious! They have may health benefits too.

Eating carrots can help reduce glaucoma (an eye condition). It also has been known to have cancer fighting properties as well.

If you are looking to incorporate some carrots into your diet I have a few scrumptious recipes that will help you do that.

Cold Veggie Pizza

Chicken Pot Pie

Carrot Salad

Carrot Bundt Cake

Carrots come in many varieties. It is believed they were brought over during colonial times from the Middle East. Most carrots are bred for year round enjoyment, but the peak season varies to the climate they are grown. The freshest carrots will have a vibrant color and beautiful green tops.


Peace be with you,