In Season

The Catholic Church celebrates the season of Ordinary Time. Trust me, there is nothing Ordinary about Ordinary Time. The term comes from the word ordinal which means counted time. There are two periods of Ordinary Time and we are now in the second period.

The second period of Ordinary Time is the lon011gest season in the Liturgical year.

It resumes after Pentecost and continues to the final Saturday before Advent

The colors of the season of Ordinary Time is green.

It symbolizes life and hope.

It is springtime here in Virginia.

Carrots are now in season.

These orange jewels have plenty of healthy benefits.

I am sure your mother on more than one occasion told you to eat your carrots so you can see good.

She was right, it is true. Carrots help reduce glaucoma (an eye condition) and has been known to have cancer fighting properties.

So the next time you are at the supermarket pick up some carrots and enjoy good eye health.

It also means that Strawberries are now in season. They are full of antioxidants and nutrients.



Peace be with you,