About Me

About Me

Welcome to My Catholic Kitchen.

My name is Veronica, but my family and friends call me Vonnie. I am a Catholic, mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend. I am a food writer, food blogger, food photographer, recipe contest winner, college graduate, self proclaimed bookworm. I am a lover of freshly baked bread, Krispy Kreme Donuts, a great cup of coffee, fried chicken and all that is comfort food.

I live in Coastal Virginia with my husband of almost 20 years, teenage daughter, two turtles and rescue dog Meeka.

chirssy and me

It is hard to get used to the idea that someone other than my family is actually reading my blog. I am a self taught cook and photographer. I am a work in progress. My blog serves as a creative outlet for my faith and my cooking passion. I started my blog to chronicle my life. It has morphed into what it is today. I love to eat, so I learned to cook. I like to photograph food. Just like my cooking, sometimes the pictures are good and sometimes they are bad. The cast of characters in this play called my life include The Hubster, my lovable and sometimes clueless husband of almost 20 years. My 17 year old teenage daughter Monkey Girl and my neurotic rescue dog Meeka.



There is also a plethora of other characters, friends and such. All of these special people are my family. I see them like ingredients in my life. They add heat, spice and a wonderful flavor, that is then seasoned into a unique dish that is called my life.

I am not sure if you are aware of my family and the history we have with Breast Cancer. I think it is because of our strong Catholic faith that we managed to survive all this by the grace of  God. On my husbands side of the family, all the females are breast cancer survivors. This is their story and  my daughters legacy. Hopefully we will find a cure in her lifetime.

They call themselves Team 3rd Generation and they have been walking together to find the cure for breast cancer for over 10 years. Four of them make up 3 Generations of breast cancer survivors. Mary, Dorothy, Janet and Jill have a combined 69 years of survivorship. Jill, my niece started her battle at the tender age of 25. We are a family struck by genetic breast cancer. We dream of creating a world free of breast cancer so that our daughters and granddaughters do not ever have to hear the words “you have breast cancer”.


My neice Jill helped make a commercial for Making Strides. She tells about it with her daughter and my neice Nicky on stage with her. We also walked. In the end you see her and our whole family after the walk.

There are some other things you may not know about me. (As if the other stuff was not enough) I love to enter recipe contests. With the blog though, I have not been entering them as often as I could. Here are some recipes and some guest posts that I am very proud of. I am generally an introvert and this blog has allowed me to make some really good friends along the way.

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Sweet Potato Commission

Some day I hope to have my own cookbook. In the meantime here are two cookbooks that feature my recipes.


You can find my Arabian-Spiced-Nuts  on page 131.


You can find my Cranberry-Focaccia on page 111.