Cinnamon Raisin Coffee Cake #bundtbakers

Serve a slice of this moist Cinnamon Raisin Coffee Cake studded with raisins and walnuts at your next brunch. Your coffee will thank you.


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Cinnamon Rasin Coffee Cake


1 1/2 cups butter
1 1/2 cups white sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
4 eggs
1 1/2 cups yogurt
3 cups cake flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1/2 cup raisins
2 teaspoons cinnamon
3/4 cup light brown sugar


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
Beat butter and white Sugar together until well combined. Add vanilla and eggs one at a time. Add yogurt and combine well. In another large bowl sift flour, baking powder, soda and salt together. Add to egg mixture. In a small bowl combine nuts, raisins, cinnamon and brown sugar. Sprinkle 1/3 of the raisin mixture into a prepared bundt pan, followed by a layer of batter. Continue layering until all batter and nut mixture is used up.
Bake cake for 1 hour and 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool about 20 minutes before removing from the pan.

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    15 Responses to “Cinnamon Raisin Coffee Cake #bundtbakers”

    1. #
      Olivia @ livforcake — July 16, 2015 at 3:44 pm

      This cake looks super fluffy and delicious! Perfect with a cup of tea 🙂


    2. #
      Shilpi — July 16, 2015 at 7:58 pm

      Looks yummy… I remember using Raisins once in my cake, long time back… Loved the flavor… I am sure, this must be superhit at ur place.


    3. #
      Laura@Baking in Pyjamas — July 17, 2015 at 5:25 am

      What a great looking coffee cake, I adore the combination of cinnamon, raisins and walnuts. This looks so delicious!


    4. #
      June @ How to Philosophize with Cake — July 17, 2015 at 6:55 am

      Mmm that sounds like a delicious coffee cake! I’ll take a slice for breakfast 🙂


    5. #
      FatCatAnna — July 17, 2015 at 1:51 pm

      Oh why do I have to see this post … just as I’m experiencing a low blood sugar #duckingfiabetes is getting the best of me lately … if only I could reach for a slice from my screen (and I have all the ingredients … but no energy to whip this up when I’m in this low state … boo hoo hoo hoo


    6. #
      Wendy, A Day in the Life on the Farm — July 17, 2015 at 7:39 pm

      I would love a piece of this with my coffee tomorrow morning.


    7. #
      Cali @ Cali's Cuisine — July 18, 2015 at 7:25 am

      Looks like a great cake to have in the center of a table where wonderful conversation is going on around it!


    8. #
      Colleen — July 18, 2015 at 7:59 am

      This cake looks so moist, and looks quite delicious!


    9. #
      Ansh — July 18, 2015 at 8:10 pm

      Cinnamon and raisin and a cup of tea. I love this recipe.


    10. #
      Joanne T Ferguson — July 19, 2015 at 3:48 am

      Your coffee cake looks delicious Veronica! Pinned and shared!


    11. #
      Lara Tartacadabra — July 20, 2015 at 6:22 am

      Hi Veronica, just coffee cakes looks so fluffy, absolutely gorgous!


    12. #
      Margaret — July 21, 2015 at 8:41 pm

      I can just smell this one toasted and lathered with butter. YUM!


    13. #
      Tux | Brooklyn Homemaker — July 23, 2015 at 8:07 pm

      This looks so great! So homey and wonderful!


    14. #
      Catherine — July 24, 2015 at 11:20 am

      Dear Veronica, it does not get much better than this. I could imagine myself enjoying a slice of this early in the morning with my coffee, or late at night with a good old movie. No matter what, this cake is perfect. xo, Catherine


    15. #
      Bakingyummies — July 26, 2015 at 10:29 am

      The cake looks so soft Veronica….beautiful crumb! and I loved the flavor combo as well.


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